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SoCal City Properties is a great property management company. They are on top of the rents making sure they are deposited in a timely manner. They are proactive with getting the maintenance calls handled quickly and for a fair price. Whenever there is a vacancy (there have been very few over the years), they are quick to get the units rented. Often with little to no loss in rents. They are very professional and have great communication. We highly recommend SoCal City Properties to anyone needing property management services.

Marc Nelson

My wife and I have had the pleasure to know Robert as a real estate and financial investor for ten years. We sought him out to help us out of a near-hopeless situation, and he has managed to keep our investments solid since. His knowledge of the investing world is unmatched, and he has the finesse and know-how to get the seemingly impossible accomplished and satisfy all parties. We are honored to know him.

Perry Shields

Robert and SoCal City Properties have been managing several of my properties for years, and I have been highly satisfied with their management. Their office quickly responds to any questions that I, as a property owner, may have. I will continue to refer other property owners to SoCal.

Miguel Torres

I hired Robert Vasquez to help me with renovating a building and serving as my advocate during this period. If you have a problem with permits or building issues he's the guy to be in the foxhole with.

Oscar Bassinson

For the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of working on many transactions with Robert Vasquez & Co. Robert is someone who has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to anything Real Estate. SoCal Properties is a great company to work with!

Paul Michael Diaz

Socal City Properties are on it. They do a great job managing our property and are there when we need them to be. Robert and his team are nothing short of kind, courteous and respectful. I'd trust them managing my own property any day of the week.

Ivan Golinko

SoCal City Properties and the responsible owner Robert Vasquez does a tremendous job in closing real estate transactions , paying attention to detail and execution in a timely and professional manner.

Paul Luke

I have known and worked with Robert for several years. He is a great manager and is able to keep track of several projects at once. Always wanting to learn more, he ask questions and want instruction rather than having me or someone else do it for him. I would highly recommend him for any property management project.

Richard Demlow

I've known Robery Vasquez/ SoCal City Properties for over 15 years and in that time he has been my real estate consultant helping me build my property investment portfolio and managing it. I'm grateful to have a company that is dependable knowledgeable, and most important that I can trust.

Botan Hawlery

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